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MerchantCreditAdvance is a financial company dedicated to providing working capital to small and medium-sized businesses. Our funding solutions provide our clients with positive alternatives to bank and other traditional lending institutions, which can be difficult for smaller businesses to obtain.

MCA's History of Excellence

MerchantCreditAdvance has a proven track-record in the financial industry. We have over eight years of experience in the student loan consolidation industry. Over the years, our consolidation companies, EdFed and LawSchoolLoans, have grown to be among the top in the country, helping thousands of college students and graduates find financial freedom. We are proud to now direct our focus on helping business owners realize their financial dreams.

Our years of financial experience provide us with the knowledge to help business owners obtain the working capital that they need, in a quick and easy manner.

MCA's Team of Experts

With a firm, financial background like ours, our clients can feel confident in knowing that they will be provided with the best service in the industry! When you apply for a cash advance with MerchantCreditAdvance, you will be assigned a personal financial specialist from our staff of experts to help ensure that you receive the amount that you need, and to address any questions that you may have about our unique cash advance process.

MCA's Cash Advance Process

The MerchantCreditAdvance process is unlike any bank or traditional lending institutions'. Instead of making our clients worry about coming up with collateral, or money to repay the advance, we allow them to tap into a resource that is already at their disposal: their credit and debit card transactions. By collecting a small, pre-determined, percentage of our clients' credit and debit card transactions, we are helping them avoid the hassles of monthly payments, deadlines, repayment plans, and late fees.

By choosing to operate this way, we are essentially putting our success on the shoulders of our clients. We are confident in doing this because we stand behind our clients 100% - we want to see them succeed!

Apply for a cash advance with MerchantCreditAdvance today!

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