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How to Market Your Small Business Online: Three Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Drive New Business to Your Website
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By  Mary Waldron

In today's tech-friendly and Internet-dependent society, creating a company website should be a no-brainer when you start a small business. Okay, so you have a business website set what? Marketing your products and services can be costly, which small businesses cannot afford. What to do? Get creative and aggressive.

There are actually many ways to market and advertise a small business that do not involve million-dollar campaigns. In fact, you can do them all from your laptop tonight. Read on to find out some cheap and simple ways to spread the word about your small business and its website.

1. Effectively Communicate to Customers That Your Small Business Website Exists.

From day one you should be publicizing your website everywhere you can. A small business should have its website listed on all handouts — including business cards, flyers, trade show giveaways, brochures, and faxes. Nothing is worse than spending all the time and money to produce handouts and then realizing there is no website listed for customers to visit. In today's business world this is simply suicidal.

Also be sure to list your website on your and your team's email stationery so anyone who is in contact with you can check out your small business without having to email or call you. Many times, potential customers like to investigate potential business partners on their own terms and in the privacy of their own offices. Make sure that this information is openly available for them to access.

2. Post Keyword-Rich Articles That Will Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website.

The most up-and-coming method of driving website traffic and business is saturating the Internet waves with text that leads back to your small business's website. Yes, this can be time-consuming, but it will pay off if you dedicate yourself and your company.

If you research and learn the keyword search terms your potential customers are using online, you can develop articles that address those topics and post them on your website. After you've developed a strong collection of these industry-specific articles, search engines should be able to pick up on your website and help drive traffic to it. Ideally, this will lead to a boom in your website traffic and the business of your small company.

3. Create Buzz about Your Small Business Website by Blogging.

There are many outlets online where you can create blogs, post comments, and discuss issues in forums. This form of communication can help spread information like you couldn't imagine. The best part is that it's free.

By researching what forums and blogs are popular for your industry, you can engage in these discussions and network with potential customers and affiliates and, of course, share your website link with them. At the very least, people will learn about your small business and website so that the name rings a bell. As with the article-writing strategy, the more your website is listed online, on relevant blogs and forums, the more people will be driven to it.

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