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Credit Card Factoring Services from MerchantCreditAdvance: Get the Cash You Need to Boost Your Business
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The following article provides information for businesses on how to get capital through MerchantCreditAdvance's credit card factoring program. Read on to learn what credit card factoring is, what the qualifications are, and how the process works. Once you are ready to move forward, you can contact MerchantCreditAdvance at 800-503-1146 to get started.

MerchantCreditAdvance’s Credit Card Factoring Program

Small to mid-sized businesses, such as chain restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, and many other retailers, may be hard pressed to generate the capital needed to continue operations. Traditional business loans from banks are generally difficult to obtain by small to mid-sized businesses for many reasons. Small to mid-sized businesses are deemed risky due to a high rate of failure, poor credit, lack of collateral, and weak profits.

This is where credit card factoring from MerchantCreditAdvance steps in. Credit card factoring provides small to mid-sized businesses with capital quickly based on credit card sales.

What Is Credit Card Factoring?

Small and mid-sized businesses can acquire the capital they need through credit card factoring. Credit card factoring advances funds to small and mid-sized businesses based on expected future credit card sales.

MerchantCreditAdvance will purchase future credit card transactions at a discounted rate. This provides instant cash to small to mid-sized businesses without having to go through a lengthy loan application process. MerchantCreditAdvance can provide businesses with $5,000 to $150,000 in a matter of days with no collateral required based on expected monthly credit card sales.

Credit Card Factoring Qualifications

Any business that has been in existence for at least 12 months with a minimum of $5,000 in monthly credit card sales is qualified to apply for MerchantCreditAdvance’s credit card factoring program. There are some additional minor qualifications. To get more details contact MerchantCreditAdvance at 800-503-1146.

How the Credit Card Factoring Process Works

The process is simple. Small to mid-sized businesses contact MerchantCreditAdvance and complete an application with the help of a qualified representative. Once the application is reviewed and approved, MerchantCreditAdvance will then advance funds based on future credit card receipts. The funds will be transferred to the business’s merchant bank account via ACH.

The amount advanced by MerchantCreditAdvance is based on the business’s last four months of credit card statements. The entire process takes as little as five to seven days. Best of all, the repayment period is shorter than that of a traditional loan. The entire advance can be paid back in as little as six months!

MerchantCreditAdvance’s Credit Card Factoring Services

Credit card factoring services from MerchantCreditAdvance are the answer that small to mid-sized businesses that are hard pressed for cash have been looking for. MerchantCreditAdvance can provide quick capital, using a streamlined process.

For more information please read our frequently asked questions or contact one of our qualified representatives at 800-503-1146. Ready to get started? Visit our website and complete a quick online application.

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