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Credit Card Factoring - The Benefits of Using Credit Card Factoring for Your Small Business
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Credit card factoring is one way small businesses can find additional working capital. Businesses can always use additional funding, especially for projects such as renovations, expansions, and upgrades. Being able to get an advance and get the capital needed can relieve stress and help a growing business prosper.

Cash Advance

A cash advance from MerchantCreditAdvance is a great option for small business owners looking to receive working capital. Credit card factoring works as a pre-sale. MCA purchases a certain percentage of future credit card sales.

When a small business works with MCA to receive funding, the option of how they use their business funding is almost endless. As long as the credit advance benefits the business, the money can be spent at the owner’s discretion. This could include purchasing equipment, employee payroll, promotional expenses, and much more!

Another benefit to a cash advance with MerchantCreditAdvance is that the funding is available fast! After approval, it typically only takes about 10-14 business days in order to obtain the amount.

How It Works

The process is fairly simple and straightforward, making it easy for anyone to use. Small business owners can use the money as soon as they receive it. Over the term of the advance, a percentage of sales done with credit card transactions will be transferred to the account set up with MerchantCreditAdvance. This is for the repayment of the advance. There is no repayment schedule so there is no need to worry about monthly payments, or late fees.

Cash advance is a solution for businesses who cannot obtain traditional financing. Unstable economic situations can make it exceptionally difficult for small and relatively new businesses to obtain the financing. This is where a cash advance with MerchantCreditAdvance can provide the most benefit. The process for approval is fast. Time between approvals and receiving funds takes about two weeks. There is also no repayment schedule, and fees are usually reasonable.

Business owners can also use the funding received from an MCA cash advance to buy out a partner or initial investor. Small businesses sometimes use loans from private investors called hard cash to start their businesses. These have high interest rates and can be difficult to pay especially for smaller businesses. Business owners can use their funding from MCA to buy out these loans or investors without having to worry about exceptionally high interest rates.

Credit card factoring has numerous benefits. It is easy to obtain with reasonable criteria. If you are looking to expand, renovate, remarket, or even buy-out loans, investors or partners, begin your application with MerchantCreditAdvance today!

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