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Is Credit Card Factoring, or a Merchant Cash Advance, Right for Your Small Business?

As a small business owner in need of immediate capital, you may have been considering credit card factoring, also known as merchant cash advances, as a source of fast cash. While merchant credit advances can provide needed capital in a short amount of time, take some time to learn more about the process to determine if credit card factoring is right for your small business.

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Credit Card Factoring Services from MerchantCreditAdvance: Get the Cash You Need to Boost Your Business

The following article provides information for businesses on how to get capital through MerchantCreditAdvance's credit card factoring program. Read on to learn what credit card factoring is, what the qualifications are, and how the process works. Once you are ready to move forward, you can contact MerchantCreditAdvance at 800-503-1146 to get started.

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How to Best Use Funds from a Credit Card Receivable Advance

Small business owners can take advantage of cash from credit card receivable advances to expand their businesses and increase their operations. The following article provides some ideas to small business owners on how to use capital from credit card factoring.

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How to Market Your Small Business Online: Three Easy and Cost-Effective Ways to Drive New Business to Your Website

In today's tech-friendly and Internet-dependent society, creating a company website should be a no-brainer when you start a small business. Okay, so you have a business website set what? Marketing your products and services can be costly, which small businesses cannot afford. What to do? Get creative and aggressive.

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The Top Four Tips for Advertising a Small Business

When you have a small business, it's good to focus on the basics of advertising. Below, after doing some research, obtaining some online feedback from Microsoft's Small Business Center, and getting advice from friends in the industry, I've compiled a few tips and suggestions that may help with the advertising process for your small business. I hope these tips help you out!

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How to Plan for Your Small Business

If you're having trouble growing your small business, ask yourself the following questions:

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The Right Kind of Service: Paying Attention to Customers and Employees

What's one way to gain an edge over your competitors? Having great customer service.

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The Importance of First Impressions: Four Tips for Making the First Customer Interaction a Positive One

Bad interactions with a representative of a company can permanently influence the way in which customers view that company. If a customer calls company XYZ, for instance, and the individual who answers the phone is rude, curt, and aggressive, from that point on the customer will forever have a negative view of that company, a view that he or she will then undoubtedly share with everyone around him or her.

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